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Retro Christmas Cake Recipe

This recipe for Christmas Belle Cake with Yuletide frosting was found in a December 1952 womens magazine.


retro christmas cake recipe

5 Responses for "Retro Christmas Cake Recipe"

  1. Uh…no raw egg products (the icing) for me thank you. I mean really, with salmonella, botulism, all kinds of food poisionings running so rampant these days you want to promote consuming raw eggs? I’m surprised.

  2. Sue,

    I do share your concerns, but, keep in mind that this recipe is from a time when food was raised under different conditions, so the risks weren’t what they are today.

    Fortunately, there are safe alternatives; meringue powder, powdered egg whites or pasteurized egg whites can be used when working with any vintage recipe that calls for raw eggs.

  3. That cake looks delicious. Reminds me of the ones I grew up with. Going to try it this week. Will let you know how it comes out.
    As for the raw eggs, I buy from a local place that is organic and very clean. Never had a problem.
    Or you can try the better brands at the store, I have used those also and never had a problem. Eggland is one.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Dorothy, We’re looking forward to hearing how your Christmas Belle cake turned out.

    I always like to try new recipes ahead of the holidays. Some are keepers; some not so much.

  5. For those concerned about raw eggs, just buy pasteurized eggs, problem solved.

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